How to Take Care of Sensitive Skin for Men

How to Take Care of Sensitive Skin for Men – Most men never take care of her skin. Unnoticed because not treated their skin becomes very dry and sensitive.

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Many women don’t care for skin of the face, at least they routinely use milk cleanser and freshener to clean the face. When dressed most moisturizers. Sunscreen and powder applied to the face. Approximately a week once or twice using a mask to refresh her face.

Differences with men. The average man just clean your face with facial soap when showering. After bathing, no cosmetics applied to the face. As a result, his face exposed to dust and sunlight without any protection whatsoever.

Because of this neglect facials, in a survey conducted by Derma Prexive, a skin care clinic franchise from Singapore obtained the data that the average man has a very sensitive skin types and dry.

Therefore facial skin care (facial) are recommended for men is a special treatment for sensitive skin. After treatment, the men also suggested routine skin care as well as women. At least men also need to clean the skin with a cleanser, protect skin from the sun with sunscreen and a week 2 times wearing face masks.

Just to be safe for the skin, skin-care products made from natural substances. Materials natural substance that is extracted using advanced technology resulting in less fluid contained large amounts of natural active substances that are beneficial to skin health.

Stages for sensitive skin

1. Analysis of Skin
Of skin analyzer tool found that most men have sensitive skin types. The water content of each part of the face is also known from the connected device’s computer.

2. Treat with Aroma Therapy
Furthermore, the man’s feet soaked in essential oils. Then before starting the treatment, the man will also be made rilek with the smell of lavender. In a relaxed state care creams into the skin more perfect.

3. Clean Skin
Dirt is cleaned thoroughly. Traces of oil on the face lifted more depth using all body soap. After that face smeared with tonic Echinacea skin so that the maximum net.

4. Remove Dead Skin Cells
Natural corn fiber is used to remove dead skin cells on the face of the man. After smeared, let stand for a moment for so pervasive and the remaining fiber only. These fibers are subsequently assigned scrape off dead skin cells.

5. Giving Skin Serum
The skin is clean and entered serum with the help of a tool called Derma Advance II. Serum helpful it nourishes the skin from the dermis, the skin of the inside.

6. Wearing a Mask and Eye Gel
Eye gel is applied to reduce the white lines that appear under the eyes.

7. Wear Sunscreen Serum again and
Furthermore, given the gel serum skin whose job maintaining the absorption of creams natural treatments that have been granted to the skin. For that, the man can not wash his face for at least 2 hours. Lastly, face smeared sunscreen.

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