Best Laptops for College – Under $500

How much do you think a laptop for college students should cost? $500? Well, if you think so, then we can get you some of the most potential good alternatives. As explained in this blog, These following best inexpensive laptops under $500 do not only offer great price but also great features and specs which are kind of strange for some people.
But, that is really the truth. Even some of them are the bestselling laptop based on particular categories. This should make you more relieved of knowing that you will less likely buy a low-quality laptop though you are on a budget.

HP 15-AY011NR
At a glance, you can see this laptop’s wide 15.6-inch screen which does only make it weight for 4.7 pounds. This is pretty lightweight for a laptop with that screen size. A bit deeper to its inside elements, this laptop from HP operates on Intel i5 Dual Core 2.3 GHz. That processor is considerably fast, for students’ computing needs.
In addition, this series is completed with 1TB storage capacity and 8GB RAM, so that you cannot be worried about anything if you do only use your laptop for word processing functions. Even, an office employee will get along really well with features and specs of this laptop.

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Lenovo ideaPad 300
This Lenovo series is not much different from the previous option. Intel i5 Dual Core 2.3 GHz processor and 8GB RAM are added to the laptop’s feature list. This is to guarantee the users that they are going to experience such a good performance.
Not only that, 1TB storage space is equipped with this gadget, as well as optical drive to make you even love this series of Lenovo more than before. Mind its beautiful design if you are kind of expecting for a slim classy look laptop.

Asus X751LAV
Last but not least, to get you another inexpensive laptop for a university student under $500, here is a series from Asus computer. Its 17-inch screen may make you less sure about its inexpensive price, but that is the truth, that this laptop does only cause under $500.
Intel i5 2.2 GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and 1TB HDD Storage is just several features offered by this series from Asus. For a heavy computer user, this laptop has battery life duration of 6 hours. So, which one of these best college laptop under $500 you find most interesting?

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